Pre-Kindergarten / Preschool Curriculum

​We Guarantee Kindergarten Readiness

Many pre-k programs will tell you your child will be ready for kindergarten. Our child development center has reached out to local school districts to be sure our students are prepared beyond the standards for kindergarten success. Our curriculum is aligned with state standards, and we provide year-long evaluations to ensure all skill sets are being developed. If a student is challenged with any skill, then a plan is developed to foster success!  LEARN MORE »


Smart Beginnings: Our Toddler Curriculum

Our program facilitates emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth in the toddlers in our care. The curriculum is designed to help children acquire measurable learning goals throughout the year. Specific goals are targeted on a weekly and monthly basis. The curriculum focuses on developmentally appropriate goals that are broken down into specific, measurable, and sequential skills that are incorporated into the curriculum. LEARN MORE »


Your Baby’s Day

Our daycare center’s Bright Baby program provides a warm, welcoming environment where your baby can grow and thrive. Each baby is cared for based upon his or her unique schedule and needs. Our program has a nurturing environment, introducing babies to healthy social and emotional interaction, language development, and motor control. Every day has a varied amount of quiet time, rest time, playtime, and learning time.  LEARN MORE »