Our Academic Curriculum & Learning Philosophy

The philosophies of Montessori, Piaget, and Best Practices BrainSMART have all greatly influenced our educational programs. We use the Lovebug Learning Preschool Curriculum, a literature based, academic program and follow NAEYC’s developmentally appropriate guidelines:

The “whole child” approach

When this approach is used, all areas of development are taken into account. We structure our infant care programs in order to promote development in all areas.

The “prepared environment”

When the child’s environment allows him or her to try new things and build self-confidence, the environment is a prepared environment, meaning it is supportive of active learning.

Classroom materials and structure

For learning to occur, all classroom materials must be developmentally appropriate for the children. They must also be organized and accessible to the teachers as well as the children.

The teacher

The teacher functions as a facilitator of learning. She is a role model, demonstrator, and observer. She has open communication and supportive relationships with families.

Program enhancements include

  • The ABC Mouse Technology Program.
  • The Lovebug Learning Literature Curriculum.
  • In-class computers.
  • The Learning Connection Program (school to home learning).
  • Sharing & Caring Community Involvement Program.
  • Monthly special events, holidays, and trips.
  • Enrichment programs in sports and the fine arts.

Your Baby’s Day

Daycare for infants requires a warm, welcoming environment, and that’s exactly what we provide at Kidz Campus. We provide an environment where your baby can grow and thrive. Each baby is cared for based upon his or her unique schedule and needs, and each day includes varied amounts of time for quiet time, resting, playing, and learning.

Bright Baby’s Learning & Development

This child care program has a nurturing environment, introducing babies to healthy social and emotional interaction, language development, and motor control. Every day, your baby will have the opportunity to learn and develop through age appropriate activities and experiences. The nursery, in addition to having rest and feeding time areas, also has several learning areas devised just for the babies in our care. Every day, your baby will have the following:

  • Storytime.
  • Music time.
  • Gross motor development (crawling, walking, dancing, ball play).
  • Fine motor development (holding spoons, crayons, reaching).
  • Sensory and art exploration (coloring, paint, dough, water).
  • Language development (letters, speech, visual representation).
  • Baby signs (sign language for communication & language development).

If you have any questions regarding our infant care curriculum, please call or contact us online.