Have you found the right child development center for your child? It’s important to invest in the right child care for you kids. The first three years of life are a time of incredible growth and child development. Our daycare center’s program facilitates emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth for our youngest friends. The curriculum is designed to ensure that children acquire measurable learning goals across the year. Specific goals are targeted on a weekly and monthly basis. The curriculum focuses upon developmentally appropriate goals for one and a half-year-olds to three-year-olds. These goals are broken down into specific, measurable, and sequential skills that are incorporated into the curriculum.

​Art Development

  • Enjoys exploring art materials and their usage, including crayons, paints, paste, brushes, etc.
  • Uses paste and other art media effectively.

Language Development and Reading Readiness.

  • Begins to recognize colors and alphabet letters.
  • Develops a larger vocabulary through stories and discussion.
  • Participates in oral discussions.
  • Knows own name, the teacher’s name, and some classmates names.
  • Speaks clearly.
  • Speaks in sentences.
  • Recognizes first name.
  • Recognizes majority of upper case letters.
  • Knows eight basic colors.

Math Readiness and Science

  • Counts to 10.
  • Recognizes the numbers one through 10.
  • Recognizes such geometric shapes as circles, squares, and triangles.
  • Enjoys experimenting.
  • Shows an interest in the world around him/her.
  • Correspondence.
  • Basic Patterning.
  • Basic Serieses.

Music Development

  • Enjoys listening to music.
  • Participates in musical activities.
  • Enjoys using musical instruments.

Physical Development

  • Large muscle development (running, hopping, jumping).
  • Learns to communicate and master bathroom needs effectively.
  • Shows dominant hand.
  • Holds pencil and crayon correctly.
  • Demonstrates hand-eye coordination through puzzles, stringing, etc.).
  • Fine muscle development (cutting, coloring, pasting, etc.).

Socio-Emotional Adjustment and Personal Habits

  • Learns to adjust to new situations.
  • Enjoys being at school.
  • Gets along with other children.
  • Has positive self-image.
  • Follows classroom rules.
  • Shows respect for own and others’ belongings.
  • Willing to try new activities.

Learning Habits

  • Listens attentively.
  • Follows directions.
  • Puts forth effort.
  • Cares for materials.