Why Do Parents & Kids Alike Love Kidz Campus?


Relationship Based Child Care

Your child will be cared for and educated in an environment that meets his or her individual needs. Parents and families are the cornerstone of our school. We actively seek involvement and communication. We have an open door policy and plan monthly events for families to be involved. Communication is key, and you’ll receive pictures, newsletters, daily reports, and scheduled conferences so you always know how your little one is doing.

Highly Qualified Staff and Low Staff Turnover

Your child will be taught and cared for by teachers who are educated, experienced, and professional. We require yearly training for each of our staff members, above and beyond the state requirements, to ensure that we are providing the highest quality child care with the most up to date practices in the early childhood field. Children and parents desire to develop long-term relationships based on trust and open communication. We have a low turnover rate, and this facilitates close bonds with families and staff members.

Technology Rich Classrooms

We offer our students modern technology and developmentally appropriate learning programs, including preschool and pre-kindergarten. Our classrooms have Kindle Fire Tablets, desktop and laptop computers, the ABC Mouse Program, the Little Pim Spanish Program, and the Little Champion Reader Program.

Technology Platform for Families via Brightwheel

We provide daily updates, photos, digital check-in, paperless billing, and real-time feed of activities throughout the day through the Brightwheel application. Plus, you can invite grandparents and other family members to receive information and photos of activities.

Advanced Academics and School Preparedness

Our curriculum is focused on maximizing your child’s academic potential. While other preschools simply introduce the alphabet, we engage our students in literature, poetry, math skills, science, art, community service, and technology skills. Our curriculum is literature based, and we use research based learning programs for all ages.

Money back guarantee

We strive to be an affordable daycare, and no other preschool or child care center in our area offers this satisfaction guarantee. We are confident you and your child will love us, and we will refund up to one month’s tuition if you’re not completely satisfied in your first 30 days.

Modern, bright, and clean facility

Our school and classrooms are modern, well maintained, and designed to create an inspiring and family centered place. Classroom supplies and equipment and updated and replaced regularly.

Clean and healthy

We clean and disinfect our toys and classrooms all day long! Health and safety are always among our top priorities. We follow a consistent program for hand-washing, food preparation, diaper changing, and restroom protocol.

Come for a visit and free trial day to see for yourself why parents love Kidz Campus. To get any of your questions about our child care center answered, please see our FAQ page, or contact us online.