2015-2016 Reviews

Jennifer TorresOlivia_Torres

“I love the atmosphere. My child goes in and it looks like an elementary school; fun, colorful, awesome place to spend the day. I would recommend Kidz Campus. It’s not a daycare, it’s a place for learning.”


Lisa Karrer ThomasLisa_Kramer

“I highly recommend Kidz Campus in Absecon. 3 of my children have attended there. The teachers/staff are kind and loving. I never have to worry about my children’ safety while they are there. Ms. Donna has done an amazing job at preparing my lil girl for Kindergarten in the fall. My kids come home telling me about how much fun they had and what they learned…always speaking about their ‘Friends’ ”


Danielle Martintestimonials--element247

“I highly recommend Kidz Campus! The teachers, directors, and assistants are an amazing group of people who I fully trust. Both of my children have attended Kidz Campus and absolutely loved it there! They have learned so much in a loving and fun atmosphere!”



Robin Angerman

“My son has been at Kidz Campus over a year now and he absolutely loves it. He gets to socialize with other kids his age and learn to be away from home a little. He learns a lot while there and is always coming home with something new he learned. They also allow him to be creative with the different art projects they do. They have class parties for different holidays and he always has a great time! Our family definitely recommends them! The staff is also very friendly!”

Emily Robinson

“My son goes here and has been for a year now and all I can is this is the best daycare around. Its safe and clean, the staff is great. My son loves his school and I’m so thankful for Kids Campus to be able to have my son while I’m at work and not have to worry because I know my son is in great care. My son has molded into a smart young little boy so quickly before my eyes and I have to thank Kidz Campus! I highly recommend Kidz Campus to anyone!”

Nicole Goldstein

“Both of my children have attended Kidz campus. I would highly recommend this school. The staff is friendly, caring, and attentive. When my son started kindergarten he was prepared. Thank you Kidz campus!”

Julie B.

“I would recommend Kidz campus to everyone I know! It is the first school my daughter has every attended starting at 18 months old and at 4 1/2 today is still there. The staff is great and very attentive, I never have to worry if my child is safe or happy once I have dropped her off for the day, they have all become like family. MY daughter loves all the teachers and so do I not to mention how much she has learned also!”

Amy S.

“My husband and I were very fortunate to find Kidz Campus when our son’s preschool suddenly closed. This event turned into a blessing. The educational and social skills he has learned in this past year is remarkable. This school became a great stepping stone in preparing him for Kindergarten in September. The staff, especially Ms. Donna, are loving and caring and show a true interest in teaching and helping children.”

Jessica F.

“Great Place for your children When we started looking into preschool for our 2 year old daughter we decided we would attend an open house at Kidz Campus and never looked anywhere else after that. I had looked into other places in the area and Kidz Campus gave us the warmest feelings as soon as we walked in. The staff is extremely caring, my daughter just loves all the teachers. She has learned so much from being there.”

Tati A.

“Our son has been going to Kidz Campus since he was 12 months old and we have been very pleased with our experience. The teachers are kind, helpful and care about the children. He loves all teachers .They make learning fun!! He comes home happy and excited about his day!! To describe the environment, I use the words: Family, friendly, academic, structured, dedicated, clean and safe! We are 100% confident the staff.”

Amanda S.

“My son loves going to Kidz Campus each morning which makes it so much easier going to work. Very pleased and satisfied with their curriculum. They DO NOT just babysit, they teach your children everyday. I love it! It helps me so much especially after a long day of work.”

Melissa B.

“My husband and I are so happy to have found Kidz Campus in Absecon. The teachers, directors, and assistants are so nice and welcoming. My son loves it and is very excited every morning to know its time to go to school. It puts a huge smile on my face to know he is happy, comfortable and learning so much!! Thank you Kidz Campus for all that you do with and for the children!”

Danielle N.

“Kidz Campus has been a blessing for us! Our son absolutely LOVES to go to “school”! The teachers and staff are kind, caring and accommodating to everyone’s needs. I love to hear about the projects they made or activities they did throughout the day. No matter what holiday, they learn about it and it’s wonderful to see and hear about! Thank you Kidz Campus for taking such good care of my son and his ‘buddies!'”